Chinking & Caulking

   While only some homes require chinking, most can benefit from some form of caulking. We are capable of any size chinking project from small to big or new to old. Some homes may only require caulking certain areas while others will benefit from caulking the entire home. Let us reccomend what is best for you.


   The chink we use today is a latex acrylic product that is made to resist UV damage, flex with the logs movement and seal out water and bugs among other things. Before the chink is applied there first needs to be a backer such as backer rod or grip strip in place to allow the chink to work properly.


   Caulk is usually used in smaller joints and checks and around doors and windows. It has to be resistant to UV, and the best are latex based.

   Silicone caulks do not work. They break down and fail. Log home caulks have the elasticity and longevity that the other style caulking products lack. We are trained how to prepare for and install the correct caulk or chink on your log home.

   Some homes have or require a caulk, some use chink in between the log courses - some on the exterior only, some on both interior and exterior.

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