Staining & Sealing

   The proper staining of a log home is esstintial in maintaining the home. We use only the highest quality finishes from the best manufactures of log home stains and sealants. We will assist you in choosing the best stain choice for your needs and preferences

   Before any finish is applied, the old finish (if any) must be removed as well as any decayed wood fibers and any mold spores and or fungus ("Stuff"). Should any of this "stuff" be left on when a finish is applied, a greenhouse effect will take place, The "stuff" will bake, the mold will feed on the wood and black mold will form that will eventually destroy the exterior of the logs.

   There are many products on the market. We only use products from top companies and we only apply these stains and sealants under manufacturer specifications. We do not use "lesser brands" or cut corners.

   There are many colors and finishes available. We can help you pick out the right color and look for your log home.

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