Maybe you are a do-it-yourself type. Maybe all you need is a reputable supplier or contractor and a little advice. Well, we can help you. You can hire us to help with the instruction, design, locating materials, or to provide technical expertise while you build a house or addition yourself. Or maybe you want to apply a stain on your home. We do not recommend you try to cob blast your house or replace logs. This is best left up to professionals. While most estimates are free, direct instruction or advice does have a fee.

   We also do what is called pre purchase inspection. If you are looking to purchase a log home for your principal residence or a second home and you want some advice on condition or maintenance, for a reasonable fee based on your location, we will provide you with a written report and cost estimate for anything we feel the house needs. You can, if you wish, use this to negotiate the purchase price. If you hire us to perform any work on the house, we will give you credit for the consultation fee. We feel this is a very fair arrangement.